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Sliced Pictures | The Team
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The Team

In modern film making it is common to work with various freelancers to create a wide array of work. We have a small team of professionals who work together in order to create our content and we rely on these freelancers to enhance our production value. Here is a list of our main team but you are likely to meet a wide mixture of other members in due course.


Neil is an award winning filmmaker from London, England. He graduated with Honors in Photomedia from Sussex University, and did his M.A. in Broadcast and Film at Ravensbourne. Neil has produced, directed and shot over 100 television programmes for networks such as, BBC, Sky and Ch. 4. In addition, he has also directed and produced content for some of the largest brands in the world.


Da In is a young and enthusiastic producer. He graduated from Dong-Ah Institute of media and arts and has continued to strive for excellence in his work since he graduated. He is keen to learn more and constantly works hard to achieve his goals.


Jake is an award winning Producer and director who works with us on various productions. One of the founding members of Square Eyed Pictures, Jake continues to work in the UK producing contents but also exploring co-production opportunites with us.


Soong Lee is a Co-producer who has worked with us on a few recent productions. He is keen and enthusiastic producer with a good eye for detail.